Foodtec Africa will be the most comprehensive forum where International Food Industries’ Executives, Academia, Institutional Investors, Importers, Venture Capitalists, Analysts, Progressive Farmers & other experts will have the opportunity to shape the future collaboration landscape of agricultural technology.

Registration on our website allows you to manage your meetings and at the same time profile yourself in a way that will attract potential business partners, Distributers, Dealers and Importers.

The service is aimed at senior-level executives and it will include industry specific Government bodies and corporate that enable you to pre-arrange one-on-one meetings in your desired areas.

It is an opportunity to arrange pre schedule meetings, where in, interest registered by visitors will be transferred to relevant companies based upon their offerings. No matter what side of the table you are on, Pre Schedule Meeting lets you easily and efficiently share and receive information, orders, trends, product details, market insight, etc.