Why Africa???

Africa is a fertile ground for farming and fishery, but growers and food suppliers from across the world eye ample business opportunities on the continent. With a fast growing middle class, the growing economic integration of African countries, and the urgent need to overcome pressing food shortages, comes increased business opportunities for international food and beverage suppliers.

The fast growing population of Africa will lead to fundamental changes in demnd for F&B. Changing lifestyles, eating habits, and increased health awareness, are fuelling the demand for alternative diets and healthy nutrition across all age groups and social levels.

Africa’s food market could be worth USD 1 trillion by 2030 (Africa Agriculture Status Report), meaning the market has the potential to triple within 10 years.

About Food Industry

Food processing is a significant driver of local economies, creating supplier linkages for millions of small-scale farmers and helping elevate rural incomes across East. As population and urbanization rates rapidly increase across the region while hundreds of millions of people continue to face food insecurity, the demand for food has never been greater.

Government sectors & other food & Health organization aimed to increase the competitiveness of the African food processing sector and expand the availability of affordable and nutritious foods.

The main theme of the exhibition is “Ensure Sustainable Food Systems and Improved Nutrition with Technology”. The theme is aligned to the Government’s Big 4 Agenda Initiative with specific focus on two of the four pillars i.e. Food & Nutrition Security; to drive smallholder productivity, reduce the cost of food and enhance large scale farming and Manufacturing; specifically, the Agro- Processing where the government intends to generate over $200 Million annually in value additions.

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Operating Materials, Environmental Technology, Biotechnology

-Operating materials
-Waste removal, recycling, environmental protection
-Health and safety at work, fire protection
-Power, water, waste water


Processing Technology

-Snack processing technology
-Potato processing technology
-Edible fat and oil technology
-Starch production plants
-Noodle (pasta) technology


Food Processing Machinery

-Bakery Machinery & Equipments'
-Dairy Machinery
-Ice Cream Machinery & Plant
-Mava Making Machinery
-Sweets Display Counter


Conveying, Transport & Storage Facilities

-Internal conveying and transportation equipment
-External transportation equipment
-Storage facilities, silo plants, tanks


Packaging Technology & Materials

-Packaging machines
-Labeling machines
-Inspecting, checking and sorting machines
-Food packaging materials (films, glass, paper, foils, etc.)


Safety, Quality Management

-Analysis, laboratory and checking equipment
-Hygiene technology

Platform To Meet

Foodtec Africa will be the most comprehensive forum where International Food Industries’ Executives, Academia, Institutional Investors, Importers, Venture Capitalists, Analysts, Progressive Farmers & other experts will have the opportunity to shape the future collaboration landscape of agricultural technology.

Registration on our website allows you to manage your meetings and at the same time profile yourself in a way that will attract potential business partners, Distributers, Dealers and Importers.

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